Refund Policy

If our customers are not satisfied with the product or the quality of the product they can let us know and ask for the refund and we can give them their refund but if the conditions for the refund are fulfilled and the conditions are listed below-

  • In the package the customer has to return all the pills (upto 10 pills can be excluded).
  • The customer has to return all the thing which he received in the package like the receipt, the box and the Medications etc.
  • If the customer wants the refund then he has to let us know within 2 days after getting the package and give us proper reason why he wants the refund.
  • The shipping charges will be deducted from the total amount of the customer and after that refund will be given to the customer
  • If the customer has some quality issues or something else and he wants the refund so first he has to send the package back to us and give us the tracking number and then his refund application will be generated

Time period for the customers to get back their refund

Time duration depends upon the mode of payment they have done.

PAYPAL– 10 – 12 days
ZELLE– 7-8 days
Western Union –  4-5 days
Venmo–7-8 days
Card – 14-15 days
Cheque–10-12 days
Bank transfer –7-8 days
We always make customers happy doing business with us so we always try our best to make our customers happy and if they want the refund they also get the refund within the given time.